Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape lighting design, installation and maintenance

Green Country Landscapes can design and install professional grade landscape lighting. With nighttime security, safety, and aesthetic appeal in mind, Green Country Landscapes will design and install a multi-functioning lighting system for your residence. Outdoor lighting will naturally highlight the architectural features of your home as well as accent your landscaping and outdoor living areas creating a safe and beautiful nighttime environment.

Green Country Landscapes specializes in residential low voltage systems. Low-voltage outdoor lighting is a more efficient way to light up your home’s exterior during the evening hours. Low-voltage lighting allows you to reduce your home’s voltage at the lighting transformer allowing for many lower wattage lights to be used. Using lower watt bulbs allows you to softly illuminate various architectural features of your home, add security to hidden areas, and illuminate pathways and accent focal areas of your landscaping.

LED technology: While using incandescent bulbs in residential lighting systems is still very common, it is important to recognize the benefits of LED lighting. LED lighting is much more energy efficient which reduces energy costs, operates at a lower temperature and most LED bulbs last 10 times longer than traditional bulbs. LED lighting is initially more expensive but will save time and money in the long run.



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