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Our team at Green Country Landscapes can help you with any type of enhancement projects you may be interested in. Whether it is a complete site makeover using one of our talented landscape architects or enhancing a small problem area, Green Country Landscapes can provide you with the design and build services you need.

After the design phase is complete, GCL can create the site of your dreams. Our employees have the experience and equipment needed to handle any size project and each project is managed by Todd Adams the owner of GCL. We also have all specialty equipment and tools needed to successfully


Landscape Design

The design process begins with an on site meeting with the homeowner or property owner to discuss objectives. Todd Adams (owner of Green Country Landscapes) is involved in all aspects of the design process and will be the first person you meet from Green Country Landscapes. Designs can be as simple as developing the design during the initial visit to complex designs created by our landscape architect. In most initial meetings we can discuss budget, functional needs, and visual desires for the space.

If you wish to continue with the design we will note property site conditions such as existing irrigation, location of in ground utility lines, topography, possible drainage issues, sun/shade exposure etc. Measurements and pictures will also be taken at this time. Small to medium designs/estimates can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Large more complex designs may need multiple site visits and can take up to a month to complete. This design time can be defined during the initial meeting.

Please call Todd Adams anytime to schedule your initial meeting with Green Country Landscapes.


Landscape Installation

At Green Country Landscapes no job is too small or too big. The installation process can vary depending on the size of the project. Small projects can be completed within a day. Medium size projects can be 2 days to one week. Large complex projects can last several weeks. Outdoor living projects can last even longer depending on the complexity of the design. Most projects are completed within the scheduled time. Todd Adams (owner of GCL) is actively involved in all aspects of the installation process.

GCL has multiple crews and actively manages each crew to ensure all projects are staying on schedule. We also work closely with very experienced sub-contractors (electrician, plumber, framers, etc). Over time we have created close relationships with our employees and sub-contractors so our clients get some of the most skilled people in the Tulsa area creating their new landscapes and outdoor living spaces. We also have the necessary equipment and the skill to properly use this equipment to create your landscape and/or outdoor living space.


Seasonal Color Installation

Green Country Landscapes specializes in seasonal color. After your initial landscape project is complete we can offer seasonal installations to make sure your landscape maintains its beauty offers an updated curb appeal needed even as seasons come and go. Many properties can benefit from our seasonal color programs to get them back on track as they transition from one season to the next. Most of our as needed clients are seasonal color (installation of new annuals for the season) clients. Each season we offer seasonal color change outs to all of our clients. Seasonal color is one of our specialties.

We have extensive knowledge of what plants to use where and have an excellent success rate with all of our annuals.

We offer different seasonal color options from spring to summer, summer to fall and fall to winter. Seasonal color is basically changing out the flowers (usually annuals) from one season to the next. During this change out we also turn soil in beds, add soil amendments and fertilizer, trim and prune any ornamental grasses, perennials, shrubs, trees etc.


Tree Installation

Green Country Landscapes is your local expert in tree selection and installations. Our wholesale nursery has an extensive tree inventory with delivery and installation available in Tulsa and surrounding areas. We can deliver and install anything from small container trees to large B&B trees. Our average B&B tree is a 3-4” caliper but we can handle much larger as well.

The best thing to do is to set up an on site meeting with Todd Adams (owner of Green Country Landscapes) to assess the your site and discuss your wants, needs etc...




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